Hidden Hotpot KL – Wanna spend your day eating and chatting with your friends and families but no idea where to go? Well, lets try out the new hidden hotpot in KL – Red Inn Hotpot located at Kepong Manjalara. They are one of the best hidden hotpot in KL.

They operate their business in Shanghai beach-theme heritage building with no signboard. Thus, it takes time to find this hidden styled “No Signboard Steamboat”.

Red Inn Hotpot is famous with their fresh and delicious lala (clans) soup broth, they use fresh clans (lala) to bring out the umami of the shellfish. They boil and season the soup with chilies, minced garlic and sliced ginger. If you are a fan of sweet and spicy soup broth, then their lala (clans) soup is a must try!

Dislike or allergic to seafood? No worries, they also serve special green chilies soup broth, tomatoes soup broth and pork bone soup broth. In Red Inn Hotpot, you can customize up to 4 flavors of soup broth in one pot, so why not try out all the flavor? Diners can enjoy a wide variety of ingredients such as sea crab, Australian beef slices, salmon fish balls and oyster mushrooms. Also, be sure to try out their signature dish – crunchy and juicy deep fried broccoli! Every bites on the broccoli is so juicy and no way to forget.

You will find the best and freshest ingredients. Dipping the ingredients with their homemade special source, really there’s no wrong way to try out this hidden hotpot kl. The service in Red Inn Hotpot is five-body cast as well. Their waiters are dressing in cheongsam of Shanghai. You will amaze by the decoration of the restaurant and the tastiness of foods served.

Here is the menu of the restaurant Shop – Red Inn Hotpot. Make your reservation now!