Hidden Hotpot Klang – Hotpot is getting it’s name as more and more people are loving it! Until 1875, Klang was chosen as the capital of Selangor before it was changed to Kuala Lumpur in 1880. Klang is one of the oldest city in Malaysia and also known as City of food. Klang is famous with bah kut teh, pandan layer cake, boston lala and a lot more. Recently, hotpot and steamboat are gaining it’s crowd especially in this city of food.

The reason why there are so many scrumptious food and delicacy in Klang is due to it’s history. Most of the delicacy have it’s own historical story and taste that have been inherited from generation to generations. Red Inn Hotpot is a vintage hotpot that have vintage design on their interior and also traditional hotpot that maintain it original flavour of their specialy made secret broth. We are also one of the hidden Hotpot Klang which is also a hotpot that have it’s own historical story and it’s own unique taste that have been inherited for many years.

Red Inn Hotpot Klang are located in a hidden spot in Klang town where is rich in history, customs and tradition. There are many historical colonial buildings built in the 1800s to 1900s. There are many traditional delicacy in that area and Red Inn Hotpot is one of it! The interior design of Red Inn Hotpot Klang brings back the feelings of olden days.

On top of that, Red Inn Hidden Hotpot Klang also served a lot of different soup base. Most of the soup recipe are being pass from generation to generation. Besides, the ingredient used all are very fresh. Imagining having a dinner with your friends and families in this hidden hotpot in Klang town with all the 80s interior design, it will definitely boost up the dining experience to another level!

Red Inn Klang will be operating on every day except for Wednesday, starting from 1pm to 11pm. Get your friends and families and try it out now!