Red Inn Hotpot is definitely one of the nice hotpot kl you must try now!

Red Inn Hotpot originated from Ipoh who founded by 2 F&B Entrepreneur. They are expanding hotpot kl branch rapidly to attract the hotpot lover.

First and foremost, they are serving the best hotpot in Kuala Lumpur now. For those who are obsessed with hotpot, you should pay a visit to this hotpot restaurant which located in KL area. They are having few branches in KL at the moment where you can refer to the location and navigate to the specific hotpot kl restaurant below.

📍 Kepong KL

📍 Klang

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Soup Based

  • Mala Spicy soup
  • Signature Sake Broth is pretty good as you need to cooked it longer.
  • Pork Bone soup
  • Superior Clam is the one you must try, pack with flavor.
  • Tomato soup
  • Garlic Spicy Soup

There are 3 choices for the pot – Signature Four Season (RM80.00), Twin Soup (RM50.00) and Single Soup (RM30.00), which are 4 types of soup in a pot, 2 types of soup and one soup, respectively.

There were generous amount of plump clams in our Fresh Lala Soup and it got much praised from us that evening. The sweetness of the clams was apparent in the broth, with faint hint of herbal note.

Signature Sake Broth ~ A rather mild tasting broth infused with gentle “alcohol” and herbal flavor.

Pork Bone Soup ~ Not the thick milky pork bone soup that we accustomed to but more to the kind of soup for pork noodles, clear but nicely infused with porky essence. 

Garlic Spicy Soup ~ Surprisingly they don’t offer the popular numbing spicy Mala soup base but this gentle and less oily version.


  • Pork Belly
  • Chicken Breast
  • Duck Breast
  • Lamb Loin
  • Aus Beef
  • Iberico Pork
  • Sakura Pork
  • Wagyu Beef MB6/7

The large menu offers wide variety of familiar hotpot ingredients, ranging from sliced meat, offals, seafood, assorted of homemade meat balls, vegetables, mushrooms, as well as small selection of fried snacks. Recommended cooking time for each ingredient is clearly stated in the menu to ensure the diners can enjoy the food at its best.