Pork Bone Soup Hotpot is the foundation of all Chinese hotpot. It is fast and aromatic with least ingredients. It is made of pork bones and chicken carcass with variety of ingredients such as onions, ginger, sugar and Shaoxing wine. As the flavor from hotpot ingredients infuse into the soup, it will become saltier without the need of additional seasoning.

Pork Bone Soup is so popular and common that people have become accustomed to it and have fallen in love with it. The soup broth can be certainly be found in every hotpot restaurants. Red Inn Hotpot is one of the hidden hotpot that serves authentic pork bone soup broth. The creamy white pork bone soup blends in beautifully with the hotpot vegetables and meats. The intense aroma of pork will certainly whets the diner’s hunger, making it one of the best pork bone soup hotpot in KL.

Besides, Red Inn Hotpot serves other variety of soup base such as mala soup broth, green chilies soup broth and tomato soup broth. Diners are recommended to try out their signature soup base – clams soup which is made of fresh clans (lala) to bring out the umami of the shellfish.

Red Inn Hotpot has many branches operating in KL and Selangor area, which includes Kepong, Petaling Jaya and Klang. They are operating their business in heritage styled buildings and have a sense of retro with no signboard. Dining in the restaurant will surely bring the feelings of olden days. They are not only providing great food but also deliver a good food culture. The waiter will bring you a mix of their special dipping sauce which consist of coriander, minced garlic and chilies. The sauce is really awesome for ingredient dipping!

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