Sake Soup Hotpot – Sake also known as Japanese rice wine is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese made by fermenting rice that is polished to remove bran. Sake is light in color, has sweet flavor, is non-carbonated and contains about 14 to 16 percent of alcohol. It also known as ninhonsu in English.

Sake has traditionally been an excellent companion for food – even more than wine. Therefore, Red Inn Hotpot has discovered the potential to use Sake as soup broth for diners to pair with the ingredients. Sake contains umami notes which just complements the food so well.

Tomato soup base and mala soup base are the most common soup bases. Sake soup was then introduced as one of the hotpot soup broth in a few restaurants Red Inn Hotpot is one of the hidden hotpot that has presented Sake Soup Hotpot with some own recipe. By pairing sake soup base with the freshest ingredients, the sweetness from Sake with a well-balanced combined of astringent and savory flavor making them one of the best sake soup hotpot in KL.

If you are non-alcoholic, Red Inn Hotpot also offers other variety of soup broth such as green chili soup broth, pig bone soup broth and their signature clams soup. Besides, you will find the freshest ingredients in the restaurant. Upon entering the shop, a server dressed in Shanghai cheongsam will greet you and serve your top-notch experience. Image dining in an 80s themed restaurant with some alcohol soup, you will have an unforgettable unique dining experience.

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