Tomato Soup Hotpot Perak – Tomato soup was initially introduced to Europe in the 16th century by Joseph Campbell, the inventor of Campbell’s soup, according to It was then used to make condensed tomato soup by lowering the amount of water in the tin can. Tomato soup was quite popular in North America at the time.

Tomato Soup is so popular that people have become accustomed to it and have fallen in love with it. It’s not just popular in Europe, but it’s also gaining popularity and acceptance in Asia. Tomatoes are used in a variety of Chinese dishes.

Mala soup base or regular stock soup base are common hotpot soup bases. Tomato soup was later presented as one of the hotpot soup bases in a select few restaurants. RedInn hotpot is one of Malaysia’s most popular secret hotpots, with its own tomato soup recipe. The tomato soup base blends in beautifully with the hotpot vegetables and fish. The sweetness of the tomato combined with a hint of sourness whets the customer’s hunger, making it one of the best tomato soup hotpot Perak.

Furthermore, Red Inn Hotpot offers a variety of soup bases and broths, including green chilli soup broth, mala soup broth, and pig bone soup broth. You can also taste their signature clams soup, which is their distinctive soup broth. In addition, the restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients. When you enter the restaurant, a server dressed in a ShangHai cheongsam will greet you and offer you a top-notch meal. Imagine dining in an 80s-themed restaurant with top-notch food; it’s a gastronomic experience fit for royalty.

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