About Us

The Journey of Red Inn HotPot

Red Inn Hotpot was established since year 2017 in Malaysia. It is an ordinary hotpot restaurant or so called “steamboat shop” pronounced by the Chinese people all around the world. The notion of dipping meat slices into hot boiling soup follow by sauces will arise when someone mention the word “Steamboat”.

Day in day out, there is nothing unique in our business strategy and practices other than selling soup, steamboat ingredients and beverages. We operates as usual as most of the F&B restaurant in the market and expand our business when it is necessary.However, there are 4 major practices (C.V) Culture Value to shape the Red Inn HotPot identity:

  1. Warm and impeccable hospitality
  2. Food quality assurance
  3. State of mind that envisions and expects favorable results
  4. Conscious impulse toward something that promises high self-satisfaction

In order to outshine our identity, Red Inn Hotpot was quietly yet astonishing made known to the public by running hidden styled restaurant in the heritage building with no signboard to be seen even if somebody passing by. The brand reputation was gained when everyone call us “No Signboard Steamboat” instead of Red Inn Hotpot.

In fact, we don’t see the need of displaying signboards outside the restaurant to catch public attention. Also, we don’t even think that the social marketing in this knowledge world economy will greatly contribute to our business growth, and what’s more the furnishing and ambience of the dining area.In Red Inn Hotpot, we believe in quality of food is the vital factor for long term sustainability and growth of this steamboat business. The power of “words of mouth” will definitely pro-long our survival rate and the stories of Red Inn HotPot will be carried on and on to the next generations by our valued customers.


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